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Download and Print: Contract-rwi-2017

* Please Read: – If you want us to perform on a Friday Night May 1st at 12 midnight going into Saturday May 2nd then you will need to specify on your contract that our set up time is on May 1st at 9:pm and our performance is at 11:59 PM for May 1st. Our performance would go from Friday night May 1st into Saturday morning May 2nd.

Double check the dates you have listed on the contract and make sure they are correct.

Your dates are NOT guaranteed until we receive the contract and the retainer fee within five business days from the original phone conversation. Mail the contract priority mail with signature required. If your payment does not clear, then the contract will be voided and your dates will no longer be honored.

You will receive a confirmation phone call from us confirming that we have received your contract with retainer fee and that the dates are now secured.

It is best to send this contract same day as your phone call for your booking. If we have not received the contract with retainer fee for more than 5 business days from the original phone call that you booked, then the dates you requested may soon be filled with another contract and your contract with retainer fee will be returned.

Travel cost:
$0.65 per mile round trip for small shows
$1.25 per mile round trip for shows requiring a trailer pull.

Mail the contract and retainer to:
Dr H / Rick’s Magic
P.O. Box 93238
Lubbock, Texas 79493-3238

806  438  4856