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Coloring Doves


First of all you will need to order your food coloring from

From their web site do a search for
Powder Food Colors 3gr Jars

Powder Food Colors 3gr Jars
Color: Red Powder – Powder Food Color  $1.99

Powder Food Colors 3gr Jars
Color: Blue Powder – Powder Food Color  $1.99

And whatever other colors you want.

  1. You will need to wash your doves in DOVE dishwashing detergent and be careful not to get any soap in their eyes.
  2. You will need to get a spray itemizer (like a well washed old windex bottle) use about a ¼ teaspoon of food coloring to about 2 inches of warm water.
  3. Make sure you are wearing long armed rubber gloves when you handle the food coloring otherwise your skin will be colored as well.
  4. While the doves are wet and washed then begin to spray your birds with the food coloring, working the color into and around the feathers.
  5. Use a cotton ball or a rag to color the head.  The food color will spread as the day goes on so no need to worry about getting close to the eyes.
  6. Lightly blow dry the main feathers taking care not to get the hair blower too close to the birds.  Make sure you have a warm place for the birds to dry out.  It is recommended that you keep the birds separate from the other birds as the food coloring has a transfer quality. If not, your white doves will wind up with splotches of colors.  After a few days it should be fine to let the colored birds mingle with the white ones.   There should be little if at all any chance of color transferring to your other birds.Result should be soft bright beautiful feathers.
    In time the new feathers will grow out and you will have to re-color your birds.

    Remember to treat your birds with love and care.  Coloring is no different then if you were to add food coloring to your own hair.  It is safe.