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What people are saying about the shows of DR H

Our people are still talking about your programs.  We will have you back again.  So much energy and so much fun.  What a powerful motivational message.  It really hit home with our youth.  What a great time.  You sure know how to entertain a crowd.

Dr. David Allenson, probation officer for the Plainview county


We had no idea that so many people would turn out to see the show.  You agreeing to do two more shows the same day was simply awesome.  I have never seen so many people turn out to  one of our city programs like they did to see you.  You can tell that our city loves to watch you perform.  We will have you back again and again. Thanks so much for a wonderful show.

Director of Lubbock City – County Libraries.


When the crane appeared in the parking lot, I could not believe my eyes.  The crowd went wild. Your show was spectacular.

Steve, Trumble Crane


Every year your show just gets more powerful than the year before.  What a great way to teach young people.  The perfect platform for the motivational messages that are needed for the 20th century.



I never knew that cigarettes were a form of drug until you came to our school.  Thank you so much for all that you taught us.

Kimberly,  6th grade


We had no idea how big your show was when we booked you.  I have never seen the young people get so involved in any program like they did yours.  The motivational message was simply icing on the cake.  Good job.  We will have you back.  Thank you for coming to our school. You’re the best.

Pala Pinto school district administrator.


Dear Dr. H,
THANK YOU so much from all Asha Volunteers.  It was an excellent excellent performance and the crowd absolutely loved it.  It was so wonderful to see the excitement on the kids’ faces when they were so dazzled by the magic show.  And the Japanese monkey bashing was just absolutely hilarious.  We were initially worried that we might not have enough volunteers and it was pretty cool to see so many volunteers.  We achieved our goals of sending the message of our organization and show everyone a great time.  Everyone indeed laughed out loud.  Our sincere thanks to you for putting up such a great show.  You and your team were very professional and worked with us to accommodate our requests.  Really appreciate that.  Please pass on our thanks to your great team.

We started on time and ended our show on time. Thank you for your cooperation in packing up everything on time. Also we appreciate that you came back to take some pictures with us.

Thank you so much again! Hope you would have a safe trip back. Sincerely, Sree

What an awesome program year after year. We have so many people trying to get in to see your shows that we will have to go to three shows a day at all of our libraries just to accommodate the number of people who want to see your shows.  Again, thanks for a great performance.

Libraries of Lubbock


Dear Dr. H
Thank you for your fun and inspiring presentation at Focus On The Future 2006 in Las Vegas.  It was an experience that will be remembered and talked about by not only those who participated on stage but also those in the audience.   It was truly priceless! It was a pleasure working with you.

The Success Group International Events Team


Dr. H,
U.S. Coast Guard Air Station Houston greatly appreciated your fantastic show. The show was motivational, professionally done and lots of fun. The men and women of the Air Station are still talking about it. Thanks again for an outstanding performance.  Bravo Zulu!

LT Sean O’Brien, USCG
Air Station Houston

Dr H, just wanted to say thanks again to you and your assistant for putting on such a wonderful show last night. You were a huge hit!  I hope you found your lodging accommodations satisfactory at Ft Sill.  I will keep your card and highly recommend your show to other organizations in our community!

Stg. Major Paul Brown
Fort Sill Army Base

What a fantastic fundraiser this was!  Dr. H has a wonderful way of turning something fun and exciting into something very educational for kids!  He related to the audience in so many different ways, and made the show absolutely fun for everyone!

“Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example in life , in love, in faith, and in purity.”
I Tim 4:12

Rachel Lamm
6th Grade Math
Frenship Middle School
Dear Dr. H.

The show was incredible!  Dr. H. is simply the greatest.  I’m honored to have had the pleasure to work with him and hope to see him perform again.  My classmates absolutely loved it, asking for an encore presentation later in the year!  I can’t wait to see the DVD!

Brian Bigler
West Lafayette HS, IN

Dear Dr. H,

We wanted to write a quick letter to say thanks so much for coming to Tucumcari and performing for us at the Pow Wow.  You bring such great talent to us and everyone really looks forward to seeing you!

Most comedy style shows feel that you have to be MARGINAL IN THE CHOICE OF VOCABULARY USED, and it is such a pleasure to see and participate in good clean comedy and fun!  We are looking forward to seeing you next time.

Thanks again and keep having fun! From the management and staff at the Pow Wow.

Historic Pow Wow Inn
Restaurant & Lizard Lounge, NM

Greetings Dr. H:

We are still laughing about the antics of our co-workers at your session with us in Vail CO.  I have received countless comments about the fun everyone had that evening.  Thank you for being everything you said you would be!!  Let us know if you are coming up this way again. …

I hope you had a safe and easy trip back to Texas.

Take care,

Helen Gray
The Group, Inc. Real Estate, Vail CO

Dr. H, It was such a great pleasure to attend your show on the 5th and 6th of August 2005.  I haven’t laughed and cried so hard in all my life. The type of material that you used in your show was as good as it gets. The gesture and gift you gave me after the show to eliminate smoking from my life was an example of how you continue to give to the public as a whole the gift of sharing your great talents.

Thank You,
Kim C. Fields, NM

Dr. H, I wanted to send you a big “THANK YOU” for the wonderful job you did at our annual party.  Everyone thought that was our best entertainment yet and is already requesting you for next year’s party.  It’s funny, the people who refused to get on stage this year are the ones requesting you for next year. Now, they want to be on stage. Keep up the great work, and if you ever need recommendations, I will not hesitate to give you a “thumbs up!”
Darla Adams , Owner
HomeCare Solutions, Lubbock, Tx

Dear Dr. H., I was in Miami, Texas this weekend for the High School graduation and all night party.  I got the chance to see Dr. H hypnotize some of my friends, and all I can say is “WOW!!!” It was amazing. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard in my life. I had never seen a hypnotist before, but I’m sure Dr. H is far superior to most. Thank you so much for the good time, and the many laughs.  I hope we will get to see you again in our part of the world.

Thanks again, Rae O’Malley
Pinnacle Corporation, Dallas Tx

On behalf of The Pinnacle Corporation and our conference attendees, I would like to extend my sincere thanks to you for the superb hypnotist show you put on for our annual Pinnacle Summit.  This was simply the best entertainment we have ever had.

I am pleased that the conference went so well and that you were an integral part of its success. Your high degree of quality, professionalism, and ability to keep the crowd entertained was most appreciated.  It was a pleasure meeting and working with you and I highly recommend your show to anyone that would like to have an event with first rate entertainment.  I look forward to working with you in the future!

Lee Pritchett
Manager, Event Planning
The Pinnacle Corporation, Dallas, Tx

Wal-Mart – Millie – Corp. Entertainment Director:

On Behalf of Wal*Mart we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for giving our associates the pleasure of viewing and interacting with your “Hypnotist Show” at our Christmas Party.  For days after our associates kept playing over and over in our associate lounge the videos from you that we were able to purchase.  Hearing all the laughter coming from our lounge was a well needed morale booster.  The associates’  comments are that your show made this the very best Christmas Party this store has had in 18 years.

Thank You
From Associates at Wal*Mart 945
You will definitely be hearing from us again! Lubbock, Tx

“We have seen many hypnotists, but you are the best.  Simply outstanding!  We laughed so hard for over an hour that our sides are sore.  We will have you back next year.

-Wal-Mart managers.

WOW, you’re the best we have ever seen!  Can’t wait to have you back. The best entertainer we have ever had.  Everyone is still laughing about the program. Great job.
Hilton Inn
Grapevine, Tx

Fire Department Fundraiser – Longview, TX
On behalf of everyone involved in the Fundraiser for Jerry Jenkins we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for giving us such a great “Hypnotist Show.”   Laughter is great medicine and the Jenkins’s family had a great time.  It was very funny and entertaining.  It was great seeing people you know get up there and act however you told them.  It was hilarious. You were fantastic and we really appreciate all your hard work.  Can’t wait to do it again!
Thanks Dr. “H”
Debbie Scott, Longview, TX

WOW – we would not have believed it if we had not seen it with our own eyes.  Right in the middle of our game room, Dr. Rick gave a 30 second talk to the crowd about hypnosis, asked for volunteers, and POW!  Each person was OUT in less than 1 Second each. Even our waiters and waitresses were going out.  He just has the touch!  As soon as they walked up to him and he said sleep – People just DROPPED to the floor.  I have never seen anything like this in all my life.  He is the best and fastest hypnotist we have ever seen. The whole restaurant was soon gathered around watching him do his SLEEP THING!  What a crowed pleaser he is.  He did his whole performance from beginning to end in only 20 minutes.  Again, Just powerful to watch. The crowd was begging for more as he walked out the door with a grin saying, have management book my show and I will be back.  People were grabbing his cards that he had left with us like crazy!

Copper Caboose,  Lubbock, Tx

Absolutely the best entertainment we have ever had. “True to his claim” “No one was embarrassed.  No feelings hurt.  A good time was had by all”

Parkhill, Smith & Cooper, Inc.
Engineers, Architects, Planners
Lubbock, El Paso, Midland, Amarillo, Odessa

I have never seen anything like it. Young people were instantly dropping to the floor when Dr. Rick touched them.  The show was so great, I laughed and laughed until my sides were hurting. What a show.  Everyone should see Dr. Rick’s show.  Very impressed.  The young people were so excited before and after the show.  What a night of fun.  Look forward to catching as many of Dr. Rick’s shows that we can.
Uncle Manny’s Pizza House, Lubbock, Texas

Dear Dr. Rick:

I want to Thank You for the training that you have given me.  As a working Stage Hypnotist, I want to keep on the top of my game and your training has provided the edge I was looking for. Your rapid induction training has opened up a new door for me, I am now able to put people out cold in the matter of seconds.  I highly recommend your training seminar to all who want to learn this powerful induction. I am glad that I had the pleasure to meet you and found that your professionalism is second to none and I look forward to your future classes.

Ed Madden, Rutherford NJ

I love your idea of setting people’s minds free.  Without a vision people perish.  The world these days shoves an iron fist in the face of dreamers because dreams are a conduit God uses to push us, but I think you’re on a great track of liberation.

— Rick McCreight —

Dr. H is marvelous at what he does, and I couldn’t believe he could hypnotize the professional people he did. Thanks to him and his show, the newly formed Lubbock Restaurant Associations first meeting, was fantastic.

Tina Armstrong
First Impressions Quality Service Company, Lubbock, Texas

I have never seen people laugh so hard in all my life.
Cap-Rock Winery:

Our graduation night was a 100% success.  Everyone is still raving about how much fun they had at the hypnosis show. You are a powerful speaker and showman. We will have you back.

Sterling High School, OK

Our father daughter banquet was a riot.  Your show was outstanding.  Everyone is still laughing their heads off about the show. You’re the best.

Four Bar K., Lubbock, Tx

This was the best lecture we have ever had. Our forty-four Texas Rangers are still talking about you and your program.  I highly recommend you to anyone.  Your skills as a lecturer and stage hypnotist were way beyond our expectation.  We recommend you highly.  We will have you back.

Sam Houston State University
Criminal Justice Department
Texas Association of Forensic Hypnotists, Huntsville, Texas

We were able to raise the money for our fund raiser and what and outstanding show.  Everyone loved your show.  We will have you back soon.  Thank you again for all you did to make our program a 100% success.

City of Longview Fire Department, Longview, Texas

Roger Ekman – Family Home Coordinator
Chilliwack, BC
Xyolhemeylh Child and Family Services Central Region

Dr. Rick Honea
I just wanted to formally thank you for the great show you put on for our annual Staff Gathering last month.  Many of the staff are looking forward to seeing the DVD of the show, and you’ll likely be receiving calls from staff wishing to purchase their own copies.

We had a terrific time, and for many of the staff who, like myself, had never seen a hypnotist perform, it was an amazing experience.  Staff were talking and laughing about the show for several weeks afterward: it was the high point of the gathering.  Should you want to use the contents of this letter for promotional purposes, please feel free: I should mention for the record that for the show we got, the price was very reasonable, your service and communication were impeccable, and staff appreciated the extra time you spent before and after the show.  The extra stop smoking seminar you added was also well-received and appreciated.

Thank you very much for a great evening, and perhaps we will see you in Canada again in the future.

Ey cha te swayel,
Roger Ekman,
Family Home Coordinator
Xyolhemeylh Child and Family Services, Chilliwack, BC

I couldn’t believe it!  It was the best Christmas party show we have ever had. Everyone is still talking about how great the show was.  We can’t wait to have you back.  Our people were laughing so hard that I saw tears in many of their eyes. Simply, amazing.

TELOS. Lawton, OK

What a great show.  You were the hit of the night.  Everyone had such a great time.  Thank you for making our Christmas party the best we have ever had. We will have you back.

BMW Corp.
Fort Meyers, Florida

Dear Dr. H.

Thank you so much for blessing our convention with your wonderfully entertaining show.   I especially appreciated the scripture lesson before you began. That was exactly the reason why I chose you over the others, I knew that as a man of God and preacher you would set the people straight concerning their fears about hypnotism and choice, etc.

The program was hysterically funny and entertaining.  I couldn’t believe how many questions and comments you entertained in the lobby afterwards. You did not have to stay and do that, but it shows your character and ministry heart by the fact that you went the extra mile to do this.

I am sure that you will have a good number of other bookings as a result of the great presentation you did at NYLC.  I heard a number of youth ministers talking about bringing you in for teen conventions, camps, etc.  It would make me very happy if you had a number of good referrals as a result of sharing with us at the convention.

It was a wonderful show and I look forward to viewing the DVD.  God bless and I am sure our paths will cross again.

Dr. Gary B. Zustiak
Director of Youth Ministries and Resources
Christ In Youth, Joplin, MO

I have got to say, you have one of the best hypnosis shows on the market.
Bill Irwin

Christian K from Germany

Hey Dr. H    It’s me, Chris… I’m your volunteer at the Albuquerque, NM show that you did on Friday 10th last August at the Pow Wow Inn…  I just wanted to contact you to see what’s going on.. you see all your tips you gave me are improving!!!   I am able to sleep better and to read and learn the English language easier than ever before!! 🙂 ….

To Whom It May Concern,

We are writing this letter in commendation to Rick’s Illusions Ministry.  We were privileged to have this ministry in our church and were blessed tremendously by its Gospel message presented through illusions.  Our children and congregation were encouraged and uplifted as Dr. Honea and his ministry team performed various illusions that directed the congregation to the saving message of the cross.  I would recommend this ministry to any church, school or organization that is looking for another approach to presenting the Gospel message in a positive fashion.  Only Jesus was lifted up and from that presentation came emotions that led to re-consecrations and new commitments to the saving message of the cross.

Pastor Steve Shaw
Westwood Evangelism Center
8701 Upland Avenue Lubbock, Texas, 79426
“One of the most power programs we have ever seen!  Highly recommend the program to anyone who wants to make an impact on people.”

Pastor Jeff McCreight