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Rick’s Magic / Rick’s World Of Illusion: 

Lubbock’s Magician: Birthday parties to large corporate events.

Dr H, magician, illusionist, also known as Rick’s Magic, is a seasoned entertainer  –  Quality Entertainment — Rick’s World Of Illusion has been hailed by audiences and critics alike as one of the greatest magic illusion shows of the southwest.

Rick’s Magic show has elevated the art of modern illusions to new heights in the entertainment industry and captivates audiences young and old.  Watch as Rick cuts a girl in half using a see-through glass box, see girls float and vanish in mid air, watch as birds appear from his fingertips,  girls appear out of a box of fire,  and many more breathtaking modern illusions.

A must see for any corporate or community event! Dr H and Lady Karin would love to perform for your next awesome event. Give us a call today!

Dr H has been performing public speaking for over 30 plus years.  Dr H knows what it takes to reach people with life changing messages.  Whether it is an anti-drug program, a community awareness theme, or a corporate event, what ever is needed, Dr H is able to deliver that message with a clear and dynamic style that audiences love to attend and participate.

Dr H has appeared on several television news talk shows and has been accredited for the death defying stunt “DEATH WISH 3.”  During this stunt, he had to escape death while hanging sixteen stories in mid air from a wooden box which hung by a burning rope suspended before a live audience. The entire stunt was televised.  Dr H also made a forty foot crane appear in broad daylight on a Las Vegas, NV Parking Lot in front of a live crowd.  Dr H has performed all over this great country and in Canada.

Thousands across America from all types of organizations have enjoyed the extraordinary performances of Dr H’s shows:

* Presents clear solutions to today’s challenges
* Produces positive results and good decisions
* Challenges the group to responsible action
* Re-enforces the program theme and values
* Fills events as a full community outreach

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